summer / 2016

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10 experts share tips on seriously improving your content marketing

10 industry experts share their tips on how to improve your content marketing
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4 branded print titles thriving in a digital world

Print is firmly holding its ground to digital advances, especially in niche and regional markets.
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Create content for the new attention economy

5 ways to creating content that attracts the attention of the modern consumer and ultimately gets them to part with their time or money.
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Turn employees into brand ambassadors

Radzińska, who has interviewed leading lights from the content marketing and communications industry, has tackled the issue of how to build employee engagement.
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Samir Husni on creating engaging print

Samir Husni, Hederman Lecturer and Professor at the University of Mississippi School of Journalism, talked to Content Magazine about how magazines can engage readers and give busy people that much needed ‘me time’ back.
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10 killer reasons why you should be using print

10 reasons why print is still relevant in a digital age
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