winter / 2014

The magazine of branded content
LinkedIn’s senior manager of content marketing writes the book on leveraging digital chops to career success

Mapping Success

How IBM breaks through the noise on the Internet to guide 55 buyer personas through the funnel
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Pop Psychology

Inside Coke's secret formula to increasing web traffic and brand relevance—hint, content's a big part of it.
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Content Coach

Mike Wiese's strategic approach to brand videos at JWT has clients up out of their seats
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The Engineering Editor

At GE Reports, Tomas Kellner dons his reporter’s cap to uncover brand stories that inspire and educate
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Making Hay

Capital One Director of Content Strategy Steph Hay on the art and science of “Human-Centered Design”
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The Strategist

As brands develop a more nuanced understanding of content, MXM's Dan Davenport sees opportunities for content marketers multiplying.
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The Content Whisperer

On the front lines of content marketing, Robert Rose tells C-suite execs how to formalize the process: “Destroy your silos”
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The Storyteller

Robert McKee has been teaching generations of Hollywood writers the finer points of story design. Now he’s going for the C-Suite.
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The Insider

From Showrunner at Lorne Michael's Broadway Video to brand storyteller, David Lang is more than ready for prime time
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